Due to the increased need of moving companies, it has become really tough to spot the scam moving companies, as the procedures of their operations are such professional and organized that anyone can be deceived. The most common way is to tell a light price to the movers and deceive them by saying that a few additional prices will be added in this price as a final payment. These additional prices are several times higher than the light price which is told as the main price. Other indicators of a scam moving company include:

  • No Proper Contact Information

The moving company that offers you a website or an email address for contact is definitely a scam. Moving companies always operate in large physical offices, as their services cannot be conducted in virtual offices. It is a ‘must’ for all the moving companies to show their physical office address in the contact information so that the movers can visit the office for personal satisfaction.

  • Large Deposit or Advance

This scam is directly related to one’s common sense. It is the most common business trend that a little advance is taken for security, and the rest of payment is received after the services have been delivered. However, if you find a moving company that proposes you to deposit huge amount in the name of advance, then that company might be a scam and you seriously need to interrogate about its past performances.

  • Offering You Your Rights and Responsibilities

For an international move, the moving companies are not obliged to show up the rights and responsibilities of the mover, however for an interstate move, the registered moving companies are obliged to show your rights and responsibilities to help you elevate the legal requirements of your moving plans. If a company thwarts or hesitates in showing your legal rights tarriff, then you should be skeptical about the credibility of that company.

  • Attire of Vehicles and Work Force

Moving companies simply love to freely advertise their name through their uniforms or truck paints. If a moving company does not display its name on its truck, then it is a skeptical point. And if the moving company does not have a uniform, then better find some other moving company.

  • No license

Moving companies are always registered and carry a license. Most of the moving companies show their licenses to the customers, however if they don’t, then you might ask to show one. Yet if the moving company restrains from showing you their license, then you must go for further interrogation about that company or further research for another moving company.

  • Too Low Quotes

Too much low quotes are displayed by only those moving companies which operate on behalf of scams and the policy of collecting little amounts to generate a huge profit or scam profit. The quotes of moving companies are more or less close to each other. If a moving company is in contract with some fuel company, storage company or any other related organization, only then the prices can be lower than other companies. Too much low quotes are the strongest indicators of a moving company scam!