Since the frequent adoption of hiring a moving company in the West, simply to avoid moving problems and the stress and pain throughout the process, there have been several scams also, which might trap you very conveniently if you do not take a few precautions. Here are a few guidelines about how a moving company can trap you in a scam and what are the techniques of avoiding these scams.

Research Well:

Generally a moving company is an affiliate of the national moving corporation. However the mediators between a moving company and you are generally instructed the ways to deceive you. Therefore, you should first find out the references of the mediator and the moving company. You should not completely rely on the mediator, and should visit the office of the moving company. Also, take as many quotations as possible. Research about the moving company as well.

Insurance Scam:

A moving company might show you a tariff of the insurance, which most of the people do not read carefully. A header of ‘Insurance Policies’ might contain statements like ‘no insurance on theft etc’. Make sure that you read complete insurance policies and discuss the confusion areas with the moving company manager.

Civil Matters:

The law provides the right of protection to every individual according to which, he might file his claim against the scam of a moving company. In case of scam, you can sue the company, however it is important to make sure that your homework against the company is complete.

Conditions Apply Scam:

Always discuss the conditions which are to be applied by the company but are not identified in the tariff plan. These conditions might contradict the policies of the company. In such a case, the point of ‘conditions apply’ is actually made to deceive people and challenge their court claim by showing off the conditions to the judge. Here, if you haven’t read the conditions, you might lose the case.

Storage Scam:

A moving company might offer you storage of the undeliverable items for a few hours, days or even weeks. The company can also show you their store. However, they will charge the fee of storage to you, provided to pay the fee in advance. The simple way is to decide the items which you are taking to the new home, and sell out the remaining ones.

 Weight Scam:

You should ask the moving company about the weight with which they will be charging you a fee. They might charge you around 20% more of the estimated fee by claiming the weight of steel cases for delicate items etc.