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Moving company communicators are always in effort of getting as many customers as possible, as it is their job of course. These communicators are especially trained to answer the questions of the movers. Therefore, you should never hesitate in asking questions from the moving company for you would be spending your hard-earned money in rendering their services. You might ask every question related to the moving company services, however the top questions you should essentially ask a moving company, according to which you will select the moving company, include:

Estimating the Moving Costs:

Your first question should always be about the costs and expenditures of moving. Normally explained as getting the quotes, it includes not only a general estimate of the expenditures but other relevant and conditional costs also. The moving companies most often show a price tarrif to the customers which might contain conditional costs. You should always explain the place where your are moving and show the complete list of your moving objects also. The communicator or customer officer would explain you the possible costs, and explain ‘other’ costs also which might include alternate routes to the new home, alternate ways to shift the furniture etc.


You should always ask about the time span till which your contract with the moving company will remain valid. It is very important to ask, as you might pay some advance to the moving company which is generally non-refundable. The extendable validity will help you if in any case of emergency, you postpone your plan of moving.


It is important to know about the past performances of the moving company for it can save you from scams and business frauds. It automatically becomes your right to know about the credibility of the moving company as you are going to show up all your movable items and pay your money to the moving company.


Ask your moving company about their performance plan on theft, damage or any other incident with your movable items. Ask the company about who will be responsible if any kind of damage or breakage occurs with your items. Make sure that the contracts you are signing contains the section of accountability, or at least a written statement with the signature of a high authority from the moving company.

Work Force:

Ask the company about the persons or the work force which will be handling your movable items. You can also interrogate about their reputation from someone who has already taken services of that moving company. This will also secure you from fraud on the day of move, as any member of that work force can involve an outsider with the aim of theft or something like this. Remember the identities of the work force. You can also ask for the list of names with pictures of the work force.